Welcome to Donegal Primary School!

We are pleased to partner with you to help your child grow academically, socially, and emotionally. Donegal Primary School is a unique environment which caters to approximately 700 young students. From the time you enter the front door, you will notice a faculty and staff who have a LOVE for learning and a DESIRE to foster that love in their students. This website should provide you with the answers to many of your questions. If you can't find the information you are looking for, please call us at (717) 653-8812.

Support Staff Substitutes Needed

If you are a parent who frequently volunteers in our school and would like to be added to our support staff substitute list, please call the office at 653-8812.  We are in need of parents who would be available on short notice to work at DPS when support staff employees are out due to illnesses, emergencies, etc.  Prior to substituting, all clearances must be on file at the District Office along with a completed application.