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Welcome 2017-18

Language Arts Curriculum

over 3 years ago

By Melody Lucchese

–Phonics/decoding skills
–Comprehension skills and strategies
–Increase fluency
–Information & study skills
–Sight Words and vocabulary
–Whole group and small group
–Focus on spelling
–Book in reading folder

- Grammar and Mechanics
- Handwriting
- Capital letter at the beginning of a sentence
- Lowercase letters in the middle of a sentence
- Spaces between words
- Sound spelling used to spell words
- Punctuation at the end of a sentence

Reading Bag
•Start: Mid-September •Read during a guided reading group at school.  •Nightly (except for Friday!) •Please discuss the book with your child and sign the slip inside of the folder. •Both the book and the slip should be brought back to school on the following day. •Book may come home multiple nights in a row and should be read both nights.

Sight Words

•A list of sight words will be on the weekly newsletter. •Please practice reading those words very quickly. Knowing these words by sight will help your child become a better reader. •Students who need extra practice with these sight words will make a ring and bring it home daily. 

Math Curriculum

over 3 years ago

By Melody Lucchese

•Go Math! Houghton Mifflin Harcourt –Hands-on program with 10 chapters –Student manipulatives and supplies –Whole group and small group –Prior knowledge assessments ~allow for flexible grouping during small group instruction and differentiation –End of chapter assessments –Games and activities within each chapter –Student workbooks with practice pages and homework 

–Addition and Subtraction concepts and strategies –Addition and Subtraction relationships –Two-Digit addition and subtraction •Compare Numbers –Count and model numbers –Comparing numbers •Measurement and Data –Measurement –Representing and Interpreting data •Shapes –3-Dimensional geometry –2-Dimensional geometry

Fantastic Frogs

over 3 years ago

By Melody Lucchese


Day 1 Guidance

Day 2 Physical Education - Please wear sneakers.

Day 3 Art - Please send in an art shirt with your child's name written on the tag. 

Day 4 Library - Please bring your library book.

Day 5 Physical Education - Please wear sneakers. 

Day 6 Music