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Hello!  My name is Ms. Tevethia.  I am one of the school counselors at Donegal Primary School.  For the 2014 - 2015 school year, I will have the honor of working with the students in Half-day Kindergarten and Second Grade.

At DPS, the counselors teach classroom lessons using the Second Step Curriculum.  In these lessons, your student will learn skills for success in school, social skills, coping skills, and problem-solving skills.  Your child will also learn what to do about bullying and other skills related to personal safety.  Ask your child what he or she has learned in "Guidance"!

In addition to teaching classroom Guidance lessons, counselors at DPS meet with children in small groups.  Usually recommended by a teacher or parent, students who participate in groups may benefit from instruction in friendship skills, social skills, or coping skills in a setting which includes support from peers as well as the counselor.

At Donegal, we care about educating your child academically as well as socially and emotionally.  I am available to counsel children with issues related to their education and be of assistance in removing barriers to education. If you have questions or concerns related to your child's education or experience at school, please do not hesitate to contact me!  I enjoy working with families and helping children!