Kathlynn Musser Staff Photo


Millersville University (2012)


Degree Held

B.S. Elementary Education


Hello! Thanks for stopping by! Here's a little about Mrs. Musser :)

I grew up in Mount Joy and am a Donegal graduate. Throughout my college years, I lived between Lancaster, the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and Philadelphia. In December of 2012, I graduated from Millersville University. After completing my student teaching placement and two long-term substitute assignments (all within my current classroom), I officially began my career at Donegal in December of 2014. I've loved every minute with my first graders!

In March of 2016, my husband and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Emrie Rose, into our lives. We also have three wonderful (and energetic) pups at home--Miley, Remi, and Ellis. A few of our family favorites are time spent at the beach, dogs of any kind, and good food! 

Each first grade classroom has a designated animal, and our animal is the elephant! Why the elephant? Well, despite their great size, an elephant is a gentle leader with a relaxed demeanor. Their intelligence and problem-solving skills lend itself to being a confident individual. They are strong, but not forceful; courageous, but humble. They display patience, openness, and compassion. Many of these qualities are those that I value within the classroom, thus resulting in a great mascot for our room.

Welcome to the “herd”! I look forward to working with you!