Kim Garner Staff Photo

Manheim Central High School - 1985

Millersville University - 1989 and 1995



Maytown Elementary School - 1989  Second Grade


                                               First Grade


Donegal Primary School - 2010 to Present  First Grade


Serve on various building and district committees over the years.

Currently volunteers as a school board director for Manheim Central for a 2nd term (President) ; school board for the Lancaster County CTC (Secretary)

HI!  My name is Mrs. Kim Garner.   I began my teaching career at Maytown Elementary in  August of 1989.  I graduated from Millersville University in May of 1989 with both elementary and early childhood teaching degrees.  I began teaching second grade at Maytown.  During this time I completed my graduate work at Millersville for my Master's Degree in elementary education. 
In 1996, I started teaching kindergarten.  I loved teaching kindergarten! :)  The early childhood years are such an important time is a child's life.  They are learning so much all at once.  I try my very best to really get to know my students and their parents. I really enjoyed visiting each student at his/her home the summer before school started!! :)    By knowing our students' needs, we can best work with the child at his or her pace while being in tune to his/her learning style.   
First grade is another very important year of learning.  Our students are still young and very interested in discovering and learning all they can!  It is important that we provide them with as much knowledge as they are ready for, yet remembering that they are only 6 or 7 years old!  PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE!  We must remember that they are only this young once and it goes by so quickly!
At home, I live with my husband Jeff and our children.  Our daughter, Stephanie was born in 1997.  Our son, Timmy was born in 1999.  We live out in the country in Manheim (Rapho Twp).  We live in the Manheim Central School District.  Steph graduated from MCHS this year!  She will begin her college years at Millersville University to major in Business/Marketing! Tim will be a junior at MCHS!!  We have a cat named Lacey J, a yellow puppy lab named Sullivan Reed (Sullie), and 10 young chickens.  We really enjoy going to the beach and the mountains.  We really spend a lot of time with our families and friends.
Maytown was a very special school where everyone knew each other and helped each other.   Having that small town feel really helped our children succeed!  That small town, home-like feel is very important to me.  Teaching is also very important to me.  It is a huge responsibility and an honor.  :)  I promise to do my best to help all students feel and reach their fullest potential!! 
Donegal is an awesome school district with incredible staff ready and willing to help children and their families!  We are moving forward as education continues to change from when most of us attended school.  Please join us in your child's journey of learning!!